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Green background with a golden tree in a circle of gold. The text is on a gold banner and reads "Empire of Man - Book 1: The First Empress".

Empire of Man

Lyla's life is planned. In a few months, she'll be leaving her small village and the vicious rumors that have marred her life, for the endless opportunities of the large port city of Balast. There she will finish her training as a magical healer, join an adventuring team, and see the world beyond the mountainous valleys of the High Passes that she's lived in her whole life. Then tragedy strikes and everything changes. Lyla is thrust into the heart of a dangerous conspiracy that inexplicably links her fate with that of a prince. This story is published at least 5 chapter ahead on

Fantasy, Romance

Light grey and white smoke-patterned background. Black text reads "New Book Coming Soon."


Frivolity Stands is a quaint and quintessential little town nestled somewhere in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. When a mother brings her family back to her hometown for the first time, they discover that there's something a little different about this town. At the heart of it all, the very center of all the strangeness is Gypsy Witch, the friendly owner of 'Familiars', an eccentric combination of cafe, pet supply shop, garden store, bookstore, and bike shop. No one knows how old she is, where she came from, or how long she's been there, but one pair of siblings is determined to unravel the mystery of the woman that everyone knows but no one knows how or why.
Spaceship in space heading toward a supernova. Text reads "Flight of the Oracle".

Flight of the Oracle

Can the oracle escape when an Eldridge God attacks her empire? Only the guardsman who loves her can help her survive. ​No one has ever challenged Haka. Never in her life. Until she meets the one man who both infuriates her and makes her endless immortal existence worth living again.
A male face with the left side human and the right side an orc.  Two swords cross over the face with a skull between the hilts in the middle of the face's forehead and a magical tome with active enchantments covering the nose down.


Vincent wants to rule the country, but in a matriarchy, that requires a revolution. Kron, an outcast in the Orc Horde is feared for his berserker nature. He thinks he has nothing to live for until he takes an exiled witch under his protection. If he fails, her death will be the least of the Matriarchy's problems. Daralei has nothing. She's an orphan who's not in the Line of Inheritance. What she does have is magic powers and ethereal book that keeps appearing and...
A Plain white background with black text that reads "Into the Abyss book 2 of Shadown Hound by K. R. Dalley".

Into the Abyss

Daniel's got a crush on one of his coworkers. Like really bad. Follow her to hell and back bad as he tells his buddies. When he agreed to help her with a problem, Daniel didn't think he'd actually get his chance to prove his words with actions. Now possession, fighting demons, and yes, closing Hellmouths look like they are on the table. How far will he go to impress the woman he thinks is "the one"? "Into the Abyss" is a campy romp in urban horror and the sequel to "Shadow Hound"

Horror, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

Anime style young man with short brown hair holding a magical tome and wearing a suit and a trench coat on a black background. Text reads "Kyle the Apprentice Warlock".

Kyle the Apprentice Warlock

Enter the world of Kyle Watkins, the most average everyday warlock he could possibly be. Who also happens to have wizard powers. His closest coworker is constantly arriving at work covered in blood and everyone but Kyle thinks he might be a serial killer. Together they intern at The National Museum of Unnatural Science and History, where their vampire boss oversees the study, restoration, and containment of magical artifacts.
Flying dark-haired woman with wings of gold magic flying over a island palace on a black quartered  background. The text reads "Lines of Inheritance".

Lines of Inheritance

The fate of three nations collide… The Matriarchy and the Priestess Isles are teetering on the edge of civil war after an assassination attempt eliminates most of their nobility. The Lines of Inheritance dictate whose birthright makes them next in line for the throne. That doesn't mean someone else won't try to take it from them. Meanwhile, The Empire of Man plots and schemes… Kerric is a Witch. When he met his beloved, the soul bond between them transferred control of his magic from the Temple Priestesses he served to the woman he loved, and freed him from his servitude. Now his wife is dead. His powers are unbound. And there is nothing to stop him from seeking revenge.
Light grey and white smoke-patterned background. Black text reads "New Book Coming Soon."

Reign of Cinders and Ash

Magic matters more than blood. That's what the humans say. As long as you have magic and can serve the human empire, you can rise to the very top of society, and become nobility. With the right rare magical alignment, you can even become royalty. Though humans have no natural magic they have conquered every species they've come across so they can steal their land, their resources, and their magic through strategic marriages. No race is so reviled as humans. No person is considered so worthless as one with no or little magic. Even worse, are those with magic considered useless. Beatrice, a mixed-race human hybrid, was born with one of the rarest magical affinities and alignments. The problem? Everyone knows it's uselessly weak. Her parents consider her a burden and question if she is even theirs or if she's a changeling that was switched with their real child as a cruel trick. But her grandparents know that her rare magical alignment means that even if she has no power, she's a valuable commodity to the right family for the affinity she could bring to their bloodlines. Could she even be the girl that prophecy says will marry the prince? All she has to do is prove her magic isn't so weak it's worthless. Or her parents will marry her off to the first person who makes a decent offer.


Cover for the story "Shadow Hound". Black tree silhouettes fading down a road into the dark red hazy background.

Shadow Hound

A delve into suburban horror as seen through the eyes of a family dog who thinks it is a human child. The pampered pooch narrates events as evil stalks and hunts its new family. Only the pup can see the Hellmouth opening in the backyard. What's a dog to do? "My adopted Mom listens to everything I say except for one thing...there is something in the backyard. Something dark. Something ugly. It's down deep. Below the storage shed."

Fantasy, Horror

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